Pubg UC Carding Method For BGMI | Buy Unlimited UC

Pubg UC Carding Method For BGMI safe BGMI UC carding approach 2022 is a technique to buy greater UC with less cash. You want to okay recognize some guidelines and hints to get greater cheap UCs to buy groceries in this game.

uc carding for bgmi

It’s additionally an illegal method in India to get unlimited UC but many gamer still choose to use it due to super advantages. Check out the way to get non vbv cc for bgmi carding.

Pubg uc Carding Method

UC, status for Unknown Cash, is one among four important currencies in BGMI and BGMI Mobile. You can use this in-game money to buy Elite Pass, be part of pay-to-play spins and events and get unique rewards, and go shopping on this sport. To use this carding technique, you want a few useful stuff so that you get cheap UC with this technique. Here are belongings you want to apply the BGMI UC carding trick for more reasonably-priced UC in BGMI Mobile

Requirements For BGMI UC Carding

First, you want a credit score card to pay for free UC. You additionally need a virtual private network and an iOS device. It may be an iPhone or iPad, based to your choice and finances. Besides, you need an Apple ID, a PUBG Mobile app on Android, or iOS devices with a PUBG Mobile account.

  • Non Vbv CC With High Balance.
  • VPN
  • Pubg App
  • Apple ID

Pubg Uc Carding Tutorial

If you have old gmail ID or Apple ID with some purchase history then you can easily purchase uc from 8k to 100k depend on available balance on the card.

So always try to buy high balance card to make purchase a lot of uc and open crate for any new skins color or outfit.

You need to arrange these things for this process

  • Non Vbv CC With High Balance.
  • VPN
  • Pubg App
  • Apple ID

You can also get everything from us so if you need anything then just contact me via whatsapp.

If you want to know about non vbv cc or want to buy then read my previews article by clicking here

Now it’s time to start PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method Process.

Hope you already have PUBG mobile account and you are ready to add uc on it.

How To Do Pubg Uc Carding Full Process

Step 1. Contact us and buy 1 non vbv cc which will cost you 60$ or 4500Rs.

Step 2. Check your purchase history before you add card details

To check your purchase history follow above steps:

For android device:

  • Open Play Store
  • Tap on lest side corner
  • Click On My Account
  • Then Purchase History

For apple device:

  • Open Setting on your iOS Device
  • Go To iTunes & App Store
  • Click on Apple ID
  • Scroll Down and Tap on Purchase History

If you did some purchase then fine otherwise do some purchase before you add card details on it.

Must remember use only old id with purchase history to get successfull otherwise you will not able to purchase uc.

Step 3. After checking open payment settings and add cc details which you bought from us.

Step 4. Add cc number, expiry date and cvv these all details enough for any uc purchase.

Step 5. After adding cc info save it and open pubg mobile and start buying uc.

That’s it. Keep buying 8100 uc pack until you get payment mode declined message. You can get up to 100k uc depend on the card and your luck as well. So guys this the in game Method of UC Carding through which you can make a lot of uc (unknown cash).

Midasbuy Carding Method For Pubg UC

As you know midasbuy is a popular website for buying UC, more than 80% people using this site for buying UC because it’s provide little cheper as compare to in game price.

So after few research i am able to know, we can do carding on midasbuy too. Even it’s more easy just like amazon carding .

Requirement to Buy UC with Midasbuy Carding:

As always we need something for success in carding world so here also we have to arrange something for midasbuy carding. Lets arrange them asap.

  • Fresh Non Vbv CC with Fullz
  • Shocks Proxy Or VPN
  • Cc Cleaner
  • Proper Method
  • Fresh Midasbuy Account

Do contact me if you want to buy anything from the list. I will give you with full Guaranteed.

How to buy UC with Midasbuy Carding full process step-by-step

Once you get everything in your hand then you are ready to go.

The big amount of uc is awaiting for you.

Firstly open your device settings > apps > select chrome browser and tap on clear data

Now your browser is fully cleaned,then download HMA vpn and open it.

Connect it to USA server because because usa server doesn’t required OTP for transaction.

Then open chrome browser and browse midasbuy site

Select ‘Unknowm Cash’ or if you want to buy RP then select Royal Pass

Enter your character ID, and first select lowest amount of UC like 100 UC

And select Credit Card for payment mode then fill out cc details there

Click on pay now option and that’s it.

UC will be sent to your pubg account instantly.

After lowest amount purchase your cc will be verified in midasbuy account so now you can make big amount purchase of uc without any verification.


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